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review: The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Published: Hyperion (October 12, 2010)
Pages: 557
Source: Gift from my husband at Christmas

Short Summary: Jason, Piper and Leo are troubled kids. Sent to Wilderness School due to their bad behavior, they have never really fit in--at home or school. Leo has ran away from every foster home he has lived, trying to outrun his past. Piper, trying to grab the attention of her movie star dad, steals.

And Jason? Jason doesn't remember a thing. Much less why he is on a bus to the Grand Canyon, where the beginning of the novel takes place.

But all some will be made clear when Jason, Leo and Piper, after a crazy battle at the Grand Canyon, find themselves residents of Camp Half-Blood--home of the demi-gods. Filled with familiar characters from the Percy Jackson series, Camp Half-Blood soon provides the trio with answers they are looking for. Piper learns who her mother is and Leo finds out the sources of his power. But Jason's memory hasn't returned and why does he feel so out of place at camp, when Piper and Leo fit in so well?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed reading The Lost Hero. As a big fan of Percy Jackson, I was happy to see Riordan use the same settings but create a very different experience. Even though I knew about several of the characters, I never felt bored or that Riordan was repeating any story lines.

The Lost Hero combines Greek mythology with Roman in way that makes it easy to understand and keep track of the different gods and goddess. Riordan expands to the world he has created-- adding layers and complexity for his new hero: Jason. Jason was a great character. Confused and misplaced, he uses instinct and observation to guide him through his "new" world. The author does a great job at keeping the reader in suspense about Jason's past.

Leo and Piper's characters are not as hard to figure out. Piper has been ignored most of her life--by the mother she never knew and her dad who is always busy with a new project. Her natural ability to charmspeak, or talk people into whatever she wants, has left her relationship with her dad shaky, even though they are close. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends. So when a series of dreams tells Piper she will have to chose between her friends or her family, Piper must learn to trust other with her secrets.

Leo was such a fun character. He's ability to make to build almost anything was helpful, along with a magical tool belt which always seem to have what the three need. And his pet dragon Fetus was a great companion. Leo's not without dark secrets thought. Possessing a power to that may or may not have cost his mother her life, Leo is trying to figure out how clues from his past will dictate his future.

Overall, a good read and I think Riordan does a really nice job of combining old with new. He also leaves the reader wanting answers at the end. Book 2, Son of Neptune, is tentatively set to come out this fall!

3.5 stars

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