Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Update #2

I'm really loving Bloggiesta-- I've come across so many great blogs and bloggers and I've learned so much about how to really get my blog moving. I didn't finish as much as I wanted to last night, but once I wrote my blog schedule out it really got me moving on writing blog posts. And I did get some things done--that's a plus.

There's my list of things to get done for Bloggiesta:

-Create rating system
-Create review template
-Add 2011 Challenge page
-Read through Bloggiesta's Mini-Challenge and create list of things to add/work on
-Comment on blogs (Granted this is always an ongoing thing)
-Add blogs to blogroll-- I've add them to Google Reader, now it's time to add them to blogroll
-Create a new header (Done! With a favicon)
-Work on list of books to review
-Organize Goodreads lists (Started this project--wow there are a lot of books)
-Schedule blog post up to next Friday (Up to Wednesday--two more to go)
-Finish laundry so I can finish Anna and the French Kiss
-Learn more about Google Alerts
-Copyright blog
-Organize bookshelves
-Look into details of traveling when we go meet MAUREEN JOHNSON (Since I'll technically blog about this, it counts right?)
-Request some books from library
-Find bookmark book (I have this really cool hollow book that I keep all my bookmarks in and it's not anywhere. ugh.)

Wish me and my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi luck!

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  1. I'm not playing in bloggiesta but I'm paying close attention to all the tips and tricks. Nice list, hope you manage to strike all of them off :D