Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heroine Love

I've been updating the site, adding features and writing reviews. I've also been working a bit on networking and writing comments on blogs. When I came across Devourer of Books,  I saw this awesome button on her sidebar which displayed quotes from some of my favorite novels. A bit of investigating lead me to this:

"I am very pleased to officially announce February the month of Heroine Love. For many, it’s a bitter month, or a swoony one, or just a normal one, but just once, this once, I want it to be all about love of literature and, of course, love of literary heroines.
How will we celebrate?  With guests, lots of them.  In fact, no fewer than twelve of my favorite book bloggers will be joining the blog throughout the month of February to extol, praise, and ruminate on the literary ladies who made them who they are today."

This sounds like a great event, and I'm really interested in seeing which literary heroines they will be writing about (The sidebar has a sample of some of them and I'm thrilled Jane Eyre is one of them!). 
There will be prizes at the end of the Heroine Love as well. I'll keep a watch out for more information and head on to The Heroine's Bookshelf to read more Heroine Love and Blackmore's book.

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