Sunday, February 27, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

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Post this week have been AWOL. I've a friend come down to visit from Indiana so I've been focusing on spending time with her! It's been great and I love having her here.

But now it's time to get this book blog in gear. To the books!

Unearthly (Unearthly - Trilogy)Prom and Prejudice

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg

I love the cover of Unearthly, but I was a little sad when I opened by Barnes and Noble order and the back cover was torn a bit at the corner :( Prom and Prejudice made it through the trip okay--however, it's a really really thin book. I was surprised--but quantity does not equal quality, right?

From the library:
The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)The Iron Witch

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

I'd place a request at the library for The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen, but when I was typing in the title I got a bit confused and asked for "The Iron Witch by Julie Kagawa." Thank goodness the library order the right book--and they went ahead and order the other book as well :)

I also picked up some music this weekend after seeing a conversation on Twitter about a particular artist:

I'm not quite sure where she's been all my life but I love her sound and the music videos are lovely. <3

That's what it's in my mailbox. What's in yours?


  1. Unearthly is fantastic---love that book. Oh, I love Adele! She's just amazing.

  2. That's a bummer about your Unearthly copy :( But between B&N and the library you got a ton of awesome books - enjoy!

  3. Aw, don't you hate it when books are torn up in the shipping process? Anyhow, I loved Prom and Prejudice, so I hope you do too! Also, I simply adore Adele! Have you heard her newest CD? It's fantastic, especially her song titled "Someone Like You". Happy reading! :)

  4. Great books! Unearthly is one of my favourite reads. Happy reading :)

  5. Just hopping by through someone's blog.

    I have SO many relatives in Bartlesville! I was born in OKC.

    I bought Adele's new album too! She is one of my favorites and I've seen her live. She was amazeballs!

  6. I've heard the Adele CD is amazing...I'll def. have to check it out!