Monday, May 2, 2011

Literary Tattoos

And I'm back to posting. April was a crazy, insane month and I'm happy it's over. Ahola May. Stay awhile.

I have some reviews going for this week but I wanted to post a question about literary tattoos. As a lover of words and books I know if I where to get any permanent ink on my skin it would be a quote of some sort. I've even managed to narrow my list to only two:

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me. 
(from the most amazing book of all time--Jane Eyre)


(from Walt Whitman's O Me! O Life! )

There some websites that post literary tattoos, like Contraiwise and Tattoo Lit and both sites rock some pretty sweet tattoos.

But my questions is this... has a sentence or phrase every struck you so hard you would be willing to tattoo it to your body? Which one? Tell me! I'd love to know :)

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  1. This isn't necessarily a literary quote per se, but "My chains are gone / I've been set free" has always been one I've considered for a tattoo. (It's from "Amazing Grace" as redone by Chris Tomline btw.) There's something about that phrase that really rings true for me - I can't necessarily explain why. I guess it just embodies everything that I treasure about my salvation.

    Again, not sure if this answers the question, but there it is. :)