Tuesday, December 28, 2010

review: Revolution

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
Published: Delacorte Books (October 12, 2010)
Pages: 472
Source: Borrowed from library

Short Summary: Most teenagers would kill for a chance to spend winter break in Paris. But Andi can't believe her father is dragging her across the world with him so he can supervise her schoolwork. Ever since accident with her little brother, all Andi can handle is watching her mother to make sure she doesn't go completely off the edge and worrying about her music. Music. The one thing that helps Andi forget and bring her back into the world.

In Paris, Andi is thrown into the world of the French Revolution and the small child-king, Louise Charles, whose heart may or may not be in the glass jar that her scientist father has come to run DNA test on. When she unlocks a secret compartment in a guitar case, Andi finds the diary of Alex--a young servant to the royal family who risks life and limb for Louis Charles. Andi so finds herself wrapped up in Alex's world, in a very real way. 

My thoughts: I picked up this book from the library with no real intention on reading it. The plot summary didn't really grab me, and the book cover made me question how much I would really like (why, yes, I do judge books by their covers). But I also adore 17th century France and checking it out wouldn't hurt anything. I would just bring it back if I didn't like it.
Wrong. This is one of the best books I've read this year, and definitely the best YA book. It's written beautifully and Donnelly really brings the characters to life. Especially Andi, the narrator. You feel for her and zip through the book hoping for the best, because sometimes it doesn't seem like its going to happen.

Rating: 5 Stars. It's a new favorite

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  1. I read this book a little while ago, and I can't wait to reread it, it was just that amazing! I agree that it's one of the best books I've read, and I just can't get over how much I loved this book! Real characters with real problems and believable actions. Oh ya... I'm definitely a fan!